Before we leave Australia we want to see Stefan and Yoshies new place. They moved into a new apartment in the mean time.

After we arrived in the afternoon, Susi did some laundry under assistance of Kaya while the men organized a nice bbq 🙂


On the second day in Sydney, we want to checkout the huge shopping mal in Parametta. Yoshie und Kaya joined us later after lunch. Afterwards we all went together to the Olympic Park were we had dinner.


For the last day, we went to down town by the ferry. This was a very nice ride and it wont take much longer then by train which was very surprising for us.

Waiting for the ferry

IMG_1771 IMG_9959

On the ferry

IMG_9977  IMG_0001

At darling harbour we jumped out…


…and went to the Sydney Aquarium.

IMG_1593 IMG_1559

And last but no least, we had to have a look at the Opera 🙂

IMG_1626 IMG_1619

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