Since we missed Melbourne the last time in 2008, this time we really want to have a look at it.

In the city center

IMG_1478 IMG_1479 IMG_1521

On the skydeck(88th floor!)

IMG_1517 IMG_1492 IMG_1494 IMG_1515

Next to our hotel, there was china town.

IMG_1541  IMG_1543IMG_1753

Great Ocean Road, Part 3

Driving on the cost is probably the most scenic part on the trip from Adelaide to Melbourne. The cost is so beautiful, especially if the sun was shining between the clouds 🙂

At different scenic lookouts along the rode

IMG_1440_tonemapped IMG_1417IMG_9784_tonemapped IMG_1435_tonemapped


at Twelve Apostles

IMG_9845 IMG_1456

Koalas on the streetside on the way to Cape Otway Lighthouse

IMG_9899IMG_1742 IMG_9932

Shot of the cost with evening light and lots of moisture in the air, probably from the very rough sea on that day


And finally, we stopped a Torquay VIC. One of the top spots for surfers from all over the world. Instead of taking some surf lessons like in Maui we spent the time with shopping in all these nice stores …

IMG_1749 IMG_1748

Great Ocean Road, Part 2

After we left Mount Gambier we did short excursion to the Glenelg National Park were we have been lucky to see some nice birds 🙂

At Lower Glenelg National Park

IMG_1713 IMG_9575


The next stop is Portland. The weather is still terrible. But, we get rid of all the cyclists on the road which slows down traffic very much:-) Portland is a small nice town and the owners of the motel are very friendly. So we went out for walk after we checked in according to the directions we got from them   .  That was a pretty nice walk in the Cape Nelson State Park.

We saw a handful of Wallabies and and the light house is scenic too.

IMG_9592 IMG_9611IMG_9645